Everyone dreams about the best in their life, but when we look around, what do we see? EMIs & Loans, NO SAVINGS ONLY EXPENSES. Your dreams come true only when you plan for them. Plan it out, so that you don’t have to go through LOANs & EMIs… Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) will help you ensure you have enough money to LIVE YOUR DREAMS. If you buy a product or service via EMIs (equated monthly installments), you will pay more than the actual price. However, if you save this sum through SIPs in mutual funds, you will shell out less than the sticker price. For Instance, if you want to buy a car of Rs.10.50 Lakh. With loan interest rate @10.50% for 3 years your monthly EMI would be Rs.34,127 but if you plan to do SIP, you only require to do SIP of Rs.25,514.

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